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Vacuum Formed Launders

Vacuum formed shapes are manufactured from high-purity alumina silica fibers in a one-piece design that eliminates metal leakage. These ceramic fibers are formed together with a special bonding process to create a smooth, homogeneous, finished surface that is resistant to thermal shock. They have a low thermal conductivity that requires no preheating. With proper treatment, they are reusable, for multiple casting campaigns. These insulating, lightweight shapes are custom formed to customer specifications for ease of installation and maximum performance at the lowest total cost. Good casting practices dictate keeping these products in a dry environment prior to use to minimize moisture acquisition.

One-piece, lightweight launders are vacuum formed to the customer’s specifications. Feedholes can be pre-drilled and the surface hardened and heat treated. This extends the life of the shapes. A surface coating is applied prior to shipment. These vacuum formed launders can be used for multiple casting campaigns and should be cleaned and the surface recoated with either bone ash or boron nitride after each use.


  • One-piece design eliminates leaks
  • Insulating properties help maintain metal temperature
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • No preheating requirements
  • Lightweight for ease of handling and reduced freight costs
  • Reusable for multiple casts with proper treatment
  • Factory pre-drilled holes extends life and ensures hole alignment
  • Custom specifications for efficient designs and ease of installation
  • Factory packaged to protect against freight damage
  • Other consumable products for continuous casting can be combined in the same shipment, on one invoice, reducing freight and purchasing costs

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